I decided to spend a second “zero” in Waynesboro, VA, with the intent of getting caught up on my trail journals. Things didn’t turn out exactly like I planned. A thru-hiker with a car is better than gold, so I spent most of the day providing trail magic (in the form of transportation) to my fellow hikers.

Boo Boo was hankering for a Waffle House breakfast, so Scar and I picked him up at the pavilion and we went to eat. I hadn’t been to a Waffle House in ages, and must admit that the breakfast was pretty tasty. After breakfast, we dropped off Boo Boo back at the pavilion.

Scar needed a ride back to the trailhead where he finished yesterday, so we drove up the Skyline Drive (at 35 mph) to mile 16.4. Since Scar’s friend would be picking him up at the end of the day to start his timeshare vacation with his wife, we said our goodbyes not knowing when we would meet again on the trail. I have enjoyed hiking with Scar, so I hope our paths cross again soon.

Back in Waynesboro, I went to the motel and started packing. The motel owner stopped by to tell me he was so sorry, but that he wouldn’t be able to let me stay there a second night (meaning that he had found a desperate UV graduation family who was willing to pay more for the room than what I was paying). I told him that it was fine, because I had decided not to stay there a second night anyway.

After checking out from the motel, I returned to the pavilion to pick up Boo Boo, Bear Slayer, and Yogi, and gave them a ride to the local outfitters to shop for some new equipment. After an hour of shopping, I returned Bear Slayer and Yogi to the pavilion and took Boo Boo to the post office to mail some excess gear home. By now, it was after 12:00 and the post office was closed, so we headed to the nearest UPS Store.

After getting his gear shipped, Boo Boo asked if I minded going through the drive thru at the Taco Bell next door. Since the drive thru line was backed up to the street, I told him that it might be faster to order inside. Boy, was I wrong. I don’t know if it was a staffing problem, equipment breakdown, computer glitch, or the fact that they were slammed, but it took 45 minutes for him to get his order. There were a lot of disgruntled customers leaving that store today.

Since all of the rooms in town were booked, we had earlier decided to return to Devils Backbone Brewpub (DB), where we could camp for free. In retrospect, we should have done that yesterday and saved a lot of money and hassle. Finally, with all of the town chores completed, we headed towards DB.

We finally arrived at DB around 2:30 pm. They had a band scheduled to play there from 3:00 – 7:00 pm, and the place was packed. I used to really enjoy going to crowded concerts, but after living in the woods for a couple of months, I actually felt uncomfortable around all those people. After scoring a BBQ sandwich and a beer (Trail Angel Weiss), I took off in search of a quiet place to work on my trail journals for a couple of hours.

Appalachian Trail

Boo Boo Relaxing

Appalachian Trail

A Crowd at the Brewpub

Appalachian Trail

Live Music

The trail has seemed deserted for the past few days, because thousands of hikers were congregating in Damascus, VA, for the annual Trail Days Festival. So we hung out at DB, eating delicious food and enjoying fabulous beers, as sort of an makeshift Trail Days of our own. When the sun started to set, we headed towards the free camping area to get rested for tomorrow’s return to the trail.