One of the best hiker perks at the Devils Backbone Brewpub is that they serve a hiker breakfast. For $5, they will give you whatever the cook wants to put on your plate. In this case, it was eggs, sausage, home fries, and toast, served with coffee. Switchback and Ounce (who have been hiking 30 mile days) ate two hiker breakfasts each!

Appalachian Trail

Breakfast Room

After breakfast, I drove the boys back to Reeds Gap, so that they could continue on down the trail, and headed back to the hotel in Waynesboro. Scar has a friend who is arriving tomorrow to put him and his wife up at a fancy timeshare for five days. He doesn’t want to get that many days behind, so he asked me to drive him back to the trailhead to pick up a few miles in Shenandoah N.P.

After returning to Waynesboro again, I started my “zero” chores of doing laundry, resupplying, and (more importantly) finding another room for the night. It turned out that this weekend is graduation weekend for the University of Virginia, and every hotel that isn’t sold out has jacked their prices up to the legal maximum. Can you imagine paying $120 for a room at Super 8? I finally found a room available at one of those motels that looks like they charge by the hour. They guy at the desk gave me his last room and wanted $80, but would only give me one night and told me to check back with him in the morning.

After loading everything into the room, I received messages from both Scar and Boo Boo that they would both be arriving at Rockfish Gap around 4:30. So I loaded up the car with the styrofoam cooler full of ice and beer that I had purchased for trail magic, and headed back to Thornton Gap. Both hikers arrived within 15 minutes of each other, and when I popped the trunk and showed them the cooler, they were very appreciative.

Scar wasn’t feeling well, so I introduced him to our new luxurious accommodations, and left with Boo Boo to find something to eat. We settled on Gavid’s Steakhouse where we discovered that if you order a steak, you also get access to their salad bar, hot bar, dessert bar, and soft serve ice cream machine. So after finishing off our 16 oz steaks, we raided the rest of the food to the tune of approximately 5,000 calories.

There is a park near downtown Waynesboro that offers free camping for hikers. It has a pavilion, picnic tables, charging outlets, and a portapotty, and is an easy walk to the YMCA, where you can take a shower. That sounded perfect to Boo Boo, so I drove him to the Y and dropped him off. He said that it was going to be very difficult not to sing the YMCA song in the shower.

Returning to the motel, I found Scar feeling much better. He thinks he must have become dehydrated from not drinking enough water while hiking in the heat. Since we will be separating tomorrow, we are working on a plan about how that might unfold. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Appalachian Trail

Home for the Night