Though April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May.

I’m still hunkered down in Marion, VA, and going a little Loony Tunes sitting in a room all day. The weather forecast was correct for a change, as it has rained all day long with temperatures in the 40’s. That is the recipe for hyperthermia, so I’m happy I stayed put. But I’m leaving tomorrow come hell or high water (probably the latter).

Appalachian Trail

Spring in Marion

Appalachian Trail

April Showers

Actually, I moved a little. The EconoLodge room was OK and included a mediocre “free hot breakfast,” but the Travel Inn across the street is less than half the price. And while the accommodations here are no great shakes, they have a chocolate removing washing machine and dryer. Clean clothes for the win!

My day has been spent catching up on my trail journals and planning my hike for the next several days. I have to make up the 10 miles I lost today in order to rendezvous with my sister on time in a week. I’m confident that I can do it because there are some seemingly flat trail sections between here and Pearisburg. I just need to add a mile or two per day to my agenda.

For now, I’m content to sit in a dry room with a working heater, flushing toilet, and a hot shower while enjoying HBO. Not exactly the trail life, but any port in a storm. So for now, “That’s All Folks!”

Appalachian Trail

Be it Ever so Humble