It started to rain overnight and it was still coming down when I woke up this morning so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Although the weather forecast was predicting clearer weather in the afternoon, taking a “zero” day today was an easy decision. Not only would taking a day off give the trail some time to dry out, but I hoped that giving my body a chance to rest a day might also help me to regain some of the energy that I seemed to lack.

After taking advantage of the hostel’s free waffle breakfast, I returned to my room to process the resupply box I had mailed to myself here and to work on my journal. Except for a quick trip to town to pick up some snacks from the convenience store, I spent most of the day relaxing and hanging out with the other hikers who were “zeroing” here today, including Peanut and Shiver. The rain stopped around 11:00 am, so I moved outside to write while sitting in the sun at one of the picnic tables on the hostel grounds.

Appalachian Trail

Relaxation Area


As the day wore on, more and more hikers, both NOBOs and SOBOs, began to arrive at the hostel until soon it was a full house. Because I hadn’t made an advance reservation for today, I had to give up my private room and move to one of the bunk rooms, but that was not a problem for me since I had completed my food repackaging chores. My roommates seem mellow so I don’t think I will have any difficulty sleeping tonight.

Appalachian Trail

AT Symbol In The Pond


Sitting here at the Rattle River Hostel, I’m only 16 trail miles from the Maine border (my last state) and it is starting to sink in that I’m nearing the end of my journey. In just three weeks, I will climb Mt Katahdin and return home to my wife. I’m excited to get moving in the morning.

Date: August 11, 2017
Starting Location: US 2, Gorham, NH
Ending Location: US 2, Gorham, NH
AT Miles Today: 0.0
AT Miles To Date: 1,891.5