The skies were overcast all day and several passing rain showers helped to reinforce the validity of my decision to take a “zero” day today. For the most part, I spent the day in my room writing journals and making arrangements for getting back on the trail. I did, however, get a wonderful surprise.

Appalachian Trail

Storms Over Gorham

Boo Boo, having escaped assimilation by the collective at the Yellow Deli, had made his way to Lincoln, NH, where he is staying at Chet’s place awaiting the arrival of a friend from home who is going accompany him through the White Mountains. With some time on his hands, he hooked up with Limpin’ Eagle and they are exploring the area and picking up some supplies. Boo Boo sent me a text this morning asking where I was staying and this afternoon he and Limpin’ Eagle stopped by for a visit while on their way through Gorham! It was wonderful to see Boo Boo again and we got to spend about an hour swapping stories and sharing pictures of our hike before the time came for them both to head back to Lincoln.

Between rain showers, I left the room twice for food. The Cumberland Farms convenience store was my first stop where I picked up a pint of ice cream for later and some snacks for the trail. Later, I walked a short distance to Mr. Pizza where I got a “to die for” meatball sub along with a large salad.

Appalachian Trail

As far as I can tell, there are three options available to me for returning to the Appalachia Trailhead. I can hitchhike, ride the AMC hiker bus, or hire a shuttle. Since Appalachia is several miles away and I want to get an early start, hitching would be my last resort because the timing is so unreliable. The bus stop for the AMC hiker bus is just across the street from Cumberland Farms, but the ticket is very expensive (over $30). I will be spending tomorrow night a few miles down the road at the Rattle River Hostel, so I called them to ask about the possibility of a shuttle and they agreed to have a driver to pick me up at 7:30 am for $20. My transportation issues solved, it is time to eat my ice cream get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow I will return to climb one last President.

Date: August 7, 2017
Starting Location: Madison Spring Hut
Ending Location: Madison Spring Hut
AT Miles Today: 0.0
AT Miles To Date: 1,862.6