The fun thing about having a fancy room for the night is all the items in the room that you can play with. While O2 was away yesterday evening getting disappointed by Vermont Bar-B-Que, I noticed that the room was equipped with a gas fireplace. To satisfy my curiosity, I set the fireplace timer to 15 minutes and set back to enjoy a little ambiance with my dinner. Fifteen minutes went by, and still, the fire crackled. O2 came back from dinner, and still, the fire crackled. It was time to go to sleep, and still, the fire crackled. Hmmmm…. I’ve got a plan! Set the room thermostat to 50 degrees and let the fireplace do battle with the air conditioner. Around 2:00 am, the battle was being won by the fireplace so I reluctantly called the person on duty and asked them to either stop the fire or give me another room. After dismantling the front of the fireplace, the woman on duty finally found the override switch to shut off the gas, but she told me that I would no longer be able to start the fireplace with the wall thermostat. Such a disappointment.

Following a decent continental breakfast at the Inn, O2 and I set off to execute the plan of the day with expert precision. The first item on the agenda was to burn off a few of the breakfast calories by walking two miles to the Enterprise Car Rental office (the A.T. goes right by the office) in Hanover. On the way, we crossed the Connecticut River and the Vermont/New Hampshire state line to enter our next to the last state! Hanover is home to Dartmouth College and, based on the plethora of high-end boutiques in town, I surmised that Dartmouth students have considerably more disposable income than your average college student. After checking out the rental car, we went to Zimmermann’s, a clothing outfitter, to retrieve my resupply package and then returned to the Norwich Inn where we packed up and checked out of our room.

When I first met up with O2 a couple of days ago, he mentioned that he had broken a tooth and probably needed a new crown. He called around to a few dentist offices and eventually found one that not only had an opening this morning but also accepted his dental insurance. Unfortunately, the only appointment available was at 11:00 am and the office was over an hour away by interstate highway in Vermont. So off we went. After seeing the world for the past several weeks at two miles per hour, it was refreshing to take an interstate road trip through the beautiful state of Vermont. O2’s dental issue turned out to be a lost filling, so that was repaired and we were on our way in no time.

Back in Hanover, we made our way to the neighboring town of Lebanon where we could take care of our chores at The Laundry Spa. While our clothes were washing, we raced down the street to a store called Un-Dun’ that was rumored to have thousands of different craft beers. Indeed, they did and, with our choices in hand, we returned to the Laundry Spa to finish our laundry. With clean clothes, a variety of craft beer, my resupply package, and a new filling (for O2), we returned to Hanover to check into a motel. O2 had intended to get back on the trail today but, since it was already so late, I convinced him to stay another night and split a room with me. To save some money, we changed venues to the Sunset Motor Inn, a small but serviceable motel located just south of Hanover, where we checked in with all our stuff.

Appalachian Trail

Sunrise Motor Inn


By now, it was late in the afternoon and neither of us had eaten anything since breakfast. O2, a Texan, was interested in some good BBQ to get the taste of last night’s BBQ adventure out of his mouth. So, we decided to try a place called Big Fatty’s BBQ in West Lebanon. With a name like that, it had to be good. When we arrived, the place was absolutely packed so we knew we had made the right choice. Although it took a while for our order to be prepared, we ultimately walked out with several pounds of brisket and sides. Back at our motel room, we’ve spent the evening watching movies while feasting on our bounty of BBQ and beer.

Appalachian Trail

O2 Patiently Waiting For Food


Date: July 24, 2017

Starting Location: Main Street, Norwich, VT

Ending Location: Hanover, NH

AT Miles Today: 1.5

AT Miles To Date: 1,747.7