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Have you ever dreamed of visiting exotic faraway places? We have too! Moreover, we are going to visit them soon!

In the meantime, we are going to explore some of the amazing wonders located a little closer to home and then share our experiences with you. Eventually we will expand our horizons to explore destinations all over America and we hope you will follow along.

Here you will find helpful guides and stunning photographs of interesting new travel destinations, photography tips to help you capture that perfect moment, and how-to articles on using some of the technology that makes our lives a little easier. You might also uncover delicious new recipes or even random musings about life.

We are still not sure exactly where we are going, but the trip will be outrageous! So be sure to check-in often and be a part of the adventure. We are on an exciting journey and you are invited to come along!


Join us in the excitement of discovering what is around the next bend. We are always on the go and will happily take you along. Follow us as we explore, sometimes at locations that are off the beaten path, and you may be inspired to follow your own path to discovery.


Learn to take beautiful pictures or simply enjoy what you see here. We will share our view of the world through our lens and offer tips on how you can improve your own photography skills. Expensive gear is not a prerequisite, you will only need to embrace the beauty that surrounds you.

Appalachian Trail

Follow along as I attempt a thru-hike of the Appalachian Train beginning in the Spring of 2017. My journal will introduce you to this National Scenic Trail, show you how to prepare for a long-distance hike, and share the beauty and challenges of day-to-day life on the trail.

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